Options for Dental Care with us

Options for Dental Care with us


With reducing amounts of State money being spent on dentistry individuals are having to make more and more provision for their own health needs. At North Street we believe the best way to make this provision and to make treatment affordable without compromising on quality is to join one of our Dental Care Plans.

We offer 3 main options for treatment provision:-

  • Pay as you go ( you pay the full price for treatments as set out in our price list)
  • DPAS essentials (you pay a monthly fee which entitles you to free 6 monthly check ups and hygienist visits and 20% off any other treatment you may require
  • DPAS Care ( For higher monthly fee this covers all treatment required but excludes lab fees, antibiotics, cosmetic treatments and implants.

The Care plans we believe offer the best value for money and provide the following benefits:-

  • Convenient payment scheme for routine treatment
  • Allows Patients s to budget for the year
  • Greater choice of treatments available
  • Preventative treatment is built in
  • Worldwide trauma and emergency call out insurance is built in
  • Accident insurance is built in
  • Free Dental Exams for your children for parents on Care plans

Childrens Dental Care

Our aim is to offer your child the best possible dental care available to secure their dental health. We have a series of children’s plans which correspond with your childs age and their changing dental needs.